Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out West With Kristy Titus-Realtree.com Blog Series Introduction

Hi Everyone,
My new video blog series on Realtree.com “Out West with Kristy Titus” recently launched. This the first video blog in a series of 15 tips and serves as a basic introduction to who I am and how I grew up and what you all can look forward to from the blog.
Upcoming topics include:
Predator Hunting
Gear for Backcountry Trips
Knowing/Researching New Public Land Areas
Mental & Physical Fitness
Bullet Selection for Western Big Game
Equipment & Clothing for Women
Basics in Elk Calling
Backpack Essentials
Glassing Techniques
Shot Limitations
De-boning Game in the Field
GPS Basics
Packing with Horses and Mules
I appreciate the continued support and am looking forward to an exciting 2012!!!

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