Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backcountry Hunting Gear List

Big game.big prep.always prepared. Always lethal

Under armour clothing
All items must be washed in unscented detergents prior to entering the field

· Ridge Reaper Crew Socks (1 pair for every 2-3 days)
· Base Layer Top and Bottom1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 (1 for every 2-3 days)
· Ridge Reaper Pant (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Evo Camo Pant (Women’s light weight) Quest Pant (Women’s ArmourStorm Insulated)
· Ridge Reaper Jacket (Men’s & Women’s Lightweight Performance) Quest Jacket ( Women’s Armour Storm Insulated)
· Ridge Reaper ES Hoody (Men’s) Evo Camo Hoody (Women’s) or Camo FZ Hoody (Women’s)
· Ridge Reaper Shell Jacket & Bib Pant (Scent Capture Technology, 100% Waterproof & Windproof)
· Gaiters
· Hurlock Glove (Coldgear), Ridger Reaper Glove or Women’s Camo Glove
· Cap, Beanie, Neck Gaiter
· Facemask

Under armour Footwear
· UA Speed Freek (Early Season, 100% Waterproof Goretex)
· UA Siberia (Cold Weather 800g. Primaloft Insulation, 100% Waterproof Goretex)
· UA Strut- Camp Shoes
· Blister kit (Moleskin, Blister Band-Aids)

· Backpack Tent or Bivy Sack
· Sleeping bag
· Thermarest or similar product

· Eberlestock JP9 Blue Widow
· Eberlestock Mini Me Daypack
· Hunting knife, Leatherman tool, Compact Limb Saw, Havalon Knife/scalpel
· Rifle– Sling & Scope Cover, Nosler Ammunition
· Bow– Sling on backpack, Arrows, Broadheads, Allen wrenches, String wax
· Flashlight/Headlamp (extra batteries)
· Water Filter & Tablets
· GPS, Map, Compass
· Mini fuel stove & fuel bottles (2, 22oz bottles)
· Compact Cook wear, Utensils, Cup
· Wilderness Athlete Performance Products, Dehydrated Food, Jerky, Granola, Trail mix, Instant Oats, Dried fruit, Packaged Tuna . Plan 2,000-3,500 calories of food per day, roughly consisting of 40% Protein, 40% Carbs, 20% Fat.

Swarovski Optik & Accessories
· EL 42 Swarovision Binoculars, Harness & Soft Cover
· 65mm HD Spotting Scope w/ 20-60x Eyepiece
· 8x30 Laser Range Finder
· Tripod
· Lens cleaner/cloth/lens pen

Personal hygiene
· Toothbrush & Paste
· Small liquid soap
· Unscented Deodorant
· Toilet Paper (Stored in Zip lock Bag)
· Lip balm w/SPF
· Unscented baby wipes
· Basic Medicine (Advil or Aleve, Neosporin, Immodium, Throat Lozenges)
· Small first aid kit
· Sun block
· Insect repellant

· Liquid Smoke
· Bugling Bull Game Calls
· Camera (extra memory card)
· Small Videocamera
· Sunglasses
· Satellite Phone, SPOT
· Zip lock Bags (a few quart sized & gallon sized)
· Garbage Bags (a few leaf bags are best)
· Game Bags (2-3)
· Small notepad and pencil
· Hot Hands
· Cloth tape measure
· Flagging tape
· Nylon cord
· Repair Kit (needle, thread, duct tape) minimal qty.
· Outdoor Safe Survival Kit & Metal Match

· 40-90 Pound Pack
· Comfortably and safely transport yourself into remote country. Have mind & body preparedness.
· Crossfit or Weight Training
· Cardiovascular–
      Train realistically such as hiking with weighted pack
      Wear the same footwear that you will be wearing in the field
· Be comfortable and proficient with your bow/rifle. Practice in multiple shooting angles and conditions. Know your shooting limitations.
· www.outdoorsafe.com

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  1. I noticed that Under Armour is now making hunting boots. I've bought some of their clothes before, and I'm looking for some new boots so I was wondering what your over all impression of Under Armour hunting boots were. They felt pretty solid when I looked at them, but I was curious as to how rugged they are.